Why should I use the Sekuritance Platform?

5 min readAug 1, 2022

The Sekuritance platform boasts multiple functionalities for the standard user, and for business users alike. Within Sekuritance’s portal, one has a plethora of compliance tools at their fingertips, this is catered for both individuals interested in performing a KYC check, along with SMEs looking for a ‘pay-as-you-go’ platform for compliance checks. These audiences can utilise crypto, particularly USDT in this case to perform said checks on the billing section of the portal’s user interface.

How do I sign up and verify myself on the Sekuritance platform?

To access the Sekuritance portal you’ll need to enter our portal: https://portal.sekuritance.com if you haven’t signed up as of yet, click the ‘Sign Up’ button, enter your personal details, click ‘Sign Up’, and you’ll be sent to the 2FA page where you’ll need to set-up two-factor-authentication on your mobile device to access the Sekuritance Portal.

To verify yourself, you’ll need to enter the ‘Profile’ section and add all the relevant information asked of you. Mandatory assets to verify yourself are Proof of Identity and Proof of Address, including all the stated personal information within the form.

Does this also work on mobile devices? And what happens if I’ve taken part in a launch in the past with Sekuritance?

If you’ve successfully participated in a launch and you are a new participant, a Sekuritance account is automatically created for you. At this stage your will receive two emails:

  • One to acknowledge your participation in the launch.
  • Another email to activate/access the Sekuritance Portal.

Click on the ‘ACTIVATE NOW’ link within the second email received. You will be redirected to the page: portal.sekuritance.com to enter a new password. Once you’ve set up your new password, you will be asked to set up your two-factor authentication code. Follow the below steps to set it up.

  1. You’ll be asked to set up a new OTP
  2. Click on the I don’t have Google Authenticator set up
  3. Click Reveal
  4. Scan the bar code with your 2FA APP (Google Authenticator)
  5. When set up, click on the “Take me back”
  6. Now login with your newly created password and then enter the OTP code from your 2FA App (Google Authenticator)

What can I do with my account once it’s verified?

As said above, there are a plethora of different use cases for Sekuritance’s portal. First thing’s first, you should also connect your web3 wallet. For the time being, you may only connect MetaMask, including cold storage wallets that can be connected to said web3 wallet. With the Sekuritance portal you use USDT as a currency under ERC20, Polygon, BSC and more to transact compliance checks, such as the following:

The Know your Client Section

  • The ability to perform a KYC check on any individual.
  • The ability to perform an AML check on any individual.
  • The ability to view all the KYC reports you’ve done in the past.
  • The ability to view all the AML (Individual) reports you’ve done in the past.

The Know your Business Section

  • The ability to perform a KYB check on any business.
  • The ability to perform an AML check on any business.
  • The ability to view all the KYB reports you’ve done in the past.
  • The ability to view all the AML (Business) reports you’ve done in the past.

The Blockchain Tools Section

The ability to perform a chain analysis check on the following chains:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • ETC
  • XRP
  • BSV
  • And many more!

The ability to view all the chain analysis reports, and also an explorer aggregator to follow the money on a crypto transaction. There are a plethora of more tools, you may find them here.

Apart from the above, users who have verified through our portal may also apply for cryptocurrency public sales directly through our portal rather than going through our partners’ website, making it easier for individuals to use Sekuritance as their cryptocurrency base of operations for IDOs primarily. You may also report a scam to Sekuritance, for this you’ll need to follow the steps to report the stated scam, be sure to bring evidence and also the transaction details.

That sounds awesome! What about $SKRT, what can I use that for?

If you hold $SKRT within your wallet right now, you may also take part in Sekuritance’s staking engine which provides superb APY available within our portal. More information on our staking engine is here. Let’s list down all the current cool features of $SKRT, while also a few upcoming utilities too.

  • You may stake $SKRT from a bracket of anywhere between 12 to 25% APY.
  • You may use your $SKRT balance to get discounts on ‘credits’ to perform compliance checks through the portal. More information on discounts here.
  • (UPCOMING) Submit Fraud Report: Each time a fraud report is submitted on the portal, once it is verified authentic and acceptable by the SKRT Operations Team and is accessed or viewed by more than 100 verified SKRT holders on the Sekuritance portal, you will receive a $SKRT bonus in your primary verified wallet.
  • (UPCOMING) Submit Personal Recommendation to another SKRT User: Any user in the Sekuritance Portal can invite any individual or entity to write a recommendation on his behalf. Should the recommendation be generated and the user agrees to link it to his account, the requester will have to pay a $SKRT value and the recommender will get rewarded for his efforts.
  • (UPCOMING) Participate in any launch using $SKRT Services: A % of all revenue generated from the merchants using the launch and verification services of $SKRT will be sent to all participants.
  • (UPCOMING) Refer new users to Sekuritance: A new affiliate system is being integrated into the Sekuritance portal and all users and merchants that refer new clients to Sekuritance will be rewarded $SKRT as a token of appreciation.
  • (UPCOMING) Public Identity Profile Access fees: When a merchant or individual accesses the public profile you would have set up and is given the access password, they will pay in SKRT for access and the user is rewarded with a % of the fees collected.

More information on the 18-month roadmap is here.

And that’s just a taste of what is to come, the Sekuritance platform is being worked on day-by-day non-stop to provide an array of new services and tools, although the ecosystem is bearish right now — the organisation hasn’t stopped building, and won’t stop. RegTech is only beginning.




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