$SKRT Staking via Sekuritance is LIVE!

What is the minimum and maximum stake amount?

What are the staking pools available?

  • Staking Maturity: 12 months
  • Rewards: 17% to 25% APY
  • Pool Capacity: $SKRT 50M
  • Staking Maturity: 18 months
  • Rewards: 12% to 20% APY
  • Pool Capacity: $SKRT 75M

What are the rewards of being a Sekuritance staker?

  • 50K+ SKRT with 17% APY.
  • 500K+ SKRT with 20% APY.
  • 1.5M+ SKRT with 22% APY.
  • 3M+ SKRT with 25% APY.
  • 50K+ SKRT with 12% APY.
  • 500K+ SKRT with 15% APY.
  • 1.5M+ SKRT with 17% APY.
  • 3M+ SKRT with 20% APY.



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