Weekly Update 1st July 2022

3 min readJun 30, 2022

Summer has finally started which means that we’ll be starting Q3. The past six months have been nothing but exciting. We’ve managed to achieve a lot of our goals this year and will continue to aim higher for the following months. This week, we announced some interesting partnerships as well as an event we’ll be attending next week. Let’s take a closer look.

Merchant Payments Ecosystem

Our Partnership and Business Development Manager will be attending Merchant Payments Ecosystem from 5th to 7th July. This event will be happening in Berlin. We look forward to seeing you there so book a meeting with us here.

Strategic Partnership with Magnus Capital

Magnus enables innovators to bring impactful projects to market, empowering brilliant ideas in the global digital economy. Sekuritance will be aiding and linking Magnus Capital with up-and-coming projects that we’ve helped to onboard. Website: https://magnuscapital.com

Flash Launch Announcement

Menzy launched on TrustSwap on Wednesday 29th June at 17:00 UTC using Sekuritance’s RegTech Compliance suite at the forefront of the onboarding process. Learn more here.

Strategic Partnership with Agera Ventures

Agera Ventures is an investment partnership that invests in technical teams that build the decentralised web. Sekuritance will be aiding and linking Agera Ventures with up-and-coming projects that we’ve helped to onboard. Website: https://agera.vc

How to Deliver Effective Customer Onboarding

Having strong Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding measures are compulsory for regulated companies. But regulation shouldn’t have to get in the way of giving customers a seamless and speedy customer onboarding process. Delivering effective KYC along with a positive user experience is not only possible but a necessity for any business that wants to thrive in this digital-first economy. Read more here.

About Sekuritance

The Sekuritance RegTech provides a single platform for every compliance need within a business, including end-to-end KYC, KYB, AML, vendor management, beneficiary onboarding, investor check, card processing MFA checks, blockchain wallet checks, cyber-risk assessments, and other RegTech and Business Process Management requirements.

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