$SKRT is now also live on Polygon (MATIC)

3 min readDec 2, 2021


It’s been a little more than six months since the RegTech & RiskTech ecosystem Sekuritance launched its $SKRT token via TrustSwap and Gate.io. From the start, the organisation chose Ethereum as the chain to launch the token. Although as the year continued, congestion on the Ethereum blockchain sent gas fees sky high, posing a threat to individuals willing to acquire the $SKRT token on decentralised exchanges like Uniswap.

Given the organisation boasts a blockchain agnostic platform, the team’s flexibility working with different chains sprung up a new idea to battle this barrier of entry for $SKRT newbies. The team took its time deciding which network would be best to couple. Given Sekuritance’s portal opening just a few weeks ago with Ethereum compatibility, the best option was a layer-2 of ethereum, and the overall solution to the gas fee problem was for Sekuritance to bridge to the Polygon Blockchain. This would then open a world of opportunity for future development, and community growth.

Just one week after the team’s exhibition at SiGMA & AIBC in Malta, the Sekuritance team began discussing with advisors and core team members on minting on the Polygon blockchain. With this new chain for the token, the team forecasts even further innovation for the platform, moreover than just providing accessibility for new individuals wanting to acquire the $SKRT token.

It’s been a crazy couple of months for Sekuritance, as discussed here in this AMA which occurred earlier this week, but the team’s hard work is paying off big time. With the portal functionality becoming available, outside of the closed loop later on this month, users will soon be able to utilise Sekuritance’s services with either their $SKRT ERC-20 tokens or the one now minted on the MATIC network. Transactions on the Polygon Network now cost less than pennies for users to acquire $SKRT tokens, and with our staking capabilities coming soon, users will be able to stake in a single transaction, cutting the already small gas fees even further. This extra efficiency also makes it much cheaper for Sekuritance community members to acquire tokens and become part of the Sekuritance Adopter Tier Club, providing even more rewards and benefits as listed here and here.

The team has completed over 25+ public sales since its inception, 40+ private sales and verified over $75M, and with added functionality and new products cropping up, there’s no doubt the organisation is bound to grow.

Sekuritance’s CEO and Project Visionary, Jonathan Camilleri Bowman decided to jump in on the excitement and say: “Going multi-chain was inevitable, although keeping the $SKRT token on Ethereum was always the plan, we needed to look at other options given the huge congestion on the network. The Polygon network was always an L2 that was on our minds, and the go-to network to provide access and increased functionality for the community and platform alike, and we are looking at a few others too.”

Sekuritance is just getting started, 2022 will be our year. Watch this space for even more updates coming very soon!

SKRT/USDC pair on Polygon:

Charting: https://info.quickswap.exchange/token/0xe51e88dd08499762b8e4eb3a9f3da9b8e79608c3




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