Crypto Tax Reconciliation to the Masses with Sekuritance

2 min readMay 12, 2022


Sekuritance will help users reconcile their crypto tax, based on their jurisdiction, fulfilling another step as a compliance suite.

Introducing Sekuritance’s Crypto Tax Functionality

Our 4th announcement for the week, given Sekuritance’s vision of becoming the compliance-as-a-service suite for individuals and businesses alike.

Sekuritance is working on a crypto-based tax reconciliation platform to help users and businesses verify the capital gains and income tax they should be paying their respective governments based on their jurisdictions — on a field fill model. Sekur.Tax is currently in development and is scheduled for a full release in the fourth quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023.

The new Sekuritance Crypto Tax service will aggregate and utilise products within its partner ecosystem to provide effective tax and accounting for the tokenized economy, further unifying digital assets tax and accounting across enterprises, consumers, and governments. The purpose is to have a download of an individual, or business’ tax reports in minutes and file with their finance team.

For individuals, all one needs is to register on the Sekuritance portal, verify themselves and their web 3.0 wallet, and through our easy to use platform our solution will provide tax and portfolio management on a per annum basis, aggregating to their wallet, and DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces and more in the near future.

For businesses, there will be seamless integrations by means of our RESTful APIs to integrate our suite easily, part and parcel of the Sekur.Suite, with the ability to connect to any native platform, enabling instant automation and effective optimization. Given the company’s latest PCI DSS compliance certification, the Tax Function will be focused on pure privacy and security.

As cryptocurrencies gain more mainstream adoption, users and businesses are becoming more aware of compliance with local regulations, especially on the element of portfolio management and taxation. By providing these services, Sekuritance is gaining a further foundation in the next stage of a regulated crypto environment.

The first countries which will be in effect will be in support of jurisdictions like the US, India, UK, Canada, Hungary, Australia and partial support for others.

Kindly note, that holding and staking $SKRT will allow an individual, or business to download reports and earn more $SKRT when suggesting the use of the tool to new users, functionality is also in the pipeline to sustain the referral.

About Sekuritance

The Sekuritance RegTech provides a single platform for every compliance need within a business, including end-to-end KYC, KYB, AML, vendor management, beneficiary onboarding, investor check, card processing MFA checks, blockchain wallet checks, cyber-risk assessments, and other RegTech and Business Process Management requirements.

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