Blockchain Ireland 2022 — RECAP

2 min readJun 6, 2022

Blockchain Ireland was a very informative segway into the world of Irish Crypto innovation. The team arrived on the scene on Sunday and Monday, while the conference was 3 days long. The team took part in 3 full days of blockchain talks, workshops, discussions, networking events and more. A good trip to the Isle of Guinness if we do say so ourselves, especially since the company is registered and based out of Dublin.

The conference was focused on building a Web3 future, and pinpointing that Ireland is seen as a global blockchain, crypto and Web3 hub.

The conference explored the developing role of these technologies in Ireland and globally, examining their value, understanding their impact and asking how Ireland can take full advantage. A hybrid programme of events from Blockchain Ireland will explore the unique opportunities of these exciting technologies.

Gregorio Guccione, Head of Sales at Sekuritance characterised the conferences as a series of informative talks, from big institutions like Deloitte, PWC, Coinbase, and SwissBorg to name a few. The team has three (3) evening events from Monday to Wednesday at multiple locations boasting Ireland’s beauty and position within European innovation. Monday was a journey of strong talks, while Tuesday began with a startup competition of 8 different startups — all innovative trying to use blockchain technology and connecting them to traditional industries. Sekuritance also held talks with Irish government officials on the ever-changing regulatory landscape of crypto-based businesses, along with the Irish Government business enabler and accelerator.

Big topics of discussion during the conference included Web3 identity, an area that Sekuritance is actively working on. The discussions delved into the implications and challenges seen in creating, developing and minting these tokens or NFTs — and how these would be perceived in the crypto community, and how these individuals will onboard these Web3 identities onto their wallet — while also merging with Web2.

The team felt the conference was a big success, with many prospects on the private, institutional and government levels being very interested in what Sekuritance is up to — given this massive push towards digital identities and self-sovereign identities it goes to show that Sekuritance is well positioned, and a first mover in this new identity movement.

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