AMA Recap 1st December 2021

Yesterday 1st December, we hosted an AMA on our Telegram Chat and we are impressed with the response we got. Our CEO and project visionary, Jonathan Camilleri Bowman sat down to answer a few questions from our community members about new updates and changes at Sekuritance. A lot has been happening with Sekuritance in the past two months, so this AMA gave the chance to our great community to ask questions about updates to our system, the project, the new UI portal and the $SKRT token.

This blog post provides a comprehensive recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members and some of the predetermined questions prepared by our team.

[CMBDO] October and November were very busy in the past couple of months. Would you be able to give a short update on what the company’s been up to in the past two months?

[DCTO] The stuff we created, the events we participated in, the leads we generated, the rewards program we built, the connections we made, the new partners we onboarded and the new recruitment drive we embarked on have been nothing short of incredible.

Let’s start with the events: We started off with Money2020 and Antonio and myself attended as a feeler. It was the first physical event we attended for Sekuritance and we wanted to gauge audience reception, interest in the project and our token economy. The feedback — what can I say — just wow — We were literally overwhelmed. Not only did we generate loads of leads there, but also got new solution partners and affiliate arrangements. This was great and we were more prepared for what had to come in October and November. We had already confirmed our participation in four great events during these months — 2 events in Dubai and 2 events in Malta.

In Dubai we participated in the World Blockchain Form and the Crypto Forum Event. We were literally not expecting to get the feedback we got. Thousands of people attended and hundreds of new leads. We had people coming to the stands wanting to meet us and telling us they heard about us and even wanting to buy the token. Some also told us we had the best offering in the arena. It was great and to top it all up, we were nominated and awarded the “Best KYC Provider 2021” award in Dubai. This was the first ever award for our project so we were super proud and loads of companies attending the event wanted to then talk to us about their requirements.

We do not want Sekuritance to only be perceived as a KYC provider as we have many other aspects to it but excelling in those services is definitely opening up new doors for the project and the token. This event alone generated in excess of 300+ serious leads amongst which are 28 new project launches at different levels of preparation as well as other types of customers including general operating companies. As a result we had to engage new sales people and introduced Roberto as our VP Operations to put in a solid CRM process to ensure nothing slips through the cracks!

Upon returning from Dubai, that gave us just 3 weeks to prepare for what was going to be a very important month for Sekuritane. We launched the new UI, we brought in the testers and we launched our first fully customised stand at the prestigious SiGMA and AIBC events in Malta. We had new material to show the audience. We designed custom giveaways and we had all the operational team manning the stands and visiting all the exhibitors. The conference attracted 12000 people. We were literally busy, from breakfast meetings to onsite manning questions, lunch meetings, dinner meetings, VIP gatherings and investor meetings. It was crazy and this event generated another 200+ serious leads. All in all we have a massive pipeline to drive the growth of the project.

We got a lot of comments and requests from the audiences in the various conferences about our choice of chain and high gas fees, etc. This is something we were already experiencing and hearing from our communities as well — so that was next on the agenda to address.

Last but not least, the last 2 months’ focus was pushing heavily on standardising our UI and allowing every single user to not only view his data (not only be able to view his participations, etc) but also to make sure of a plethora of new functionalities that we pushed to the UI. We also took the decision to give every single user free credits to try out the services for themselves by doing their own checks for their own needs. Our Phase 2 of the project is going to be releasing a ton of user-friendly services.

Shall we go to the next question so I try to reply in a focused way 🙂 as I do have a tendency to just go on.

[CMBDO] Addressing a statement you made above, there’s been a lot of talk on Sekuritance going multi-chain.Have there been any developments on this end?

[DCTO] Few notes that I took down to address the previous question also in case I forget to go into all the detail, can be summarised as follows:

-MiddleSeaRace — We sponsored and got a lot of international attention here.

-The Crypto App — new partnership and attracting a massive 2.5M following — We also have marketing material coming out through the app as we speak — so stay tuned.

-We listed on Probit Listing.

- We announced a strategic partnership with PayAccept.

- We got officially listed on Ledger Live — making it easier to transact directly from their apps and hardware wallets.

- We got officially listed on Trezor as well — making it easier to transact directly from their apps and hardware wallets — waiting for their public confirmation.

- We Launched our first IDO solely from inception guiding the project team throughout the way and it’s been a massive success already — although reconciliation is undergoing.

- Important to note that since inception just a few months ago, we helped verify thousands of individuals and VCs and over $65M in funds.

Now to address your question about the multi-chain ……

Blockchain is a vast subject. New technologies are emerging all the time so staying on top of things is always a challenge but an important step. Venturing out onto everything new is a dangerous game.

We took our time to see where and what we wanted to associate ourselves with and there were other things to consider; bridges — to do nothing to impact tokenomics — locking — ease of use — acceptance on various wallets, etc


It is with great excitement that I can announce officially that $SKRT is going to be available on the Polygon network before the end of this week — the contracts have already been mapped — the test liquidity has already been done and we wanted to wait for this AMA to announce it 🙂

The above we believe opens the doors for many more people to get introduced to our project and we are doing the necessary changes in our UI to also allow those that will hold $SKRT in their polygon chain to be reflective of the balance in the Sekuritance Self-Service Portal which many of you know can be found at:

There is going to be 1 pair initially SKRT/ETH on the polygon network and we are considering SKRT/USDC too. We will assess the situation and look into it accordingly. We are also looking at replicating this on the BSC chain but that has not been implemented yet — we believe the more chains we will be on the better and for sure it will make it easier dishing out the rewards for our loyal holders.

Which by the way….

Our $SKRT holders today are in for a BIG surprise so if you are not yet a $SKRT holder you might want to consider the news we have given above and what we are about to give — as Sekuritance keeps on giving!

…. next question Antonio pls

[CMBDO] A question that has been made aware on this chat quite a bit, the focus of Sekuritance has always been on RegTech and compliance, the company had recently become the compliance partner of choice for Aimedis’ AIMx launch, is it that the company is also thinking of becoming a launchpad itself?

[DCTO] Very good question and yes, I got that question a lot myself. As a general principle I believe in focus and I also believe in providing a service which is why we operate 3 companies. As you all know — 1 is a bank — and that is used to provide individuals and businesses with bank accounts. The other is a technical payment acquiring gateway — which handles credit card and crypto payments. And then we have our masterpiece — Sekuritance whose original purpose was to protect the two businesses above. That eventually evolved into what Sekuritance is today — its own company — having its own economy and onboarding hundreds of merchants which in turn onboard and provide services to hundreds of thousands of people. Sekuritance’s main focus, will remain a RegTech focused company providing companies with KYC, KYB, on chain analysis (KYT), transaction monitoring, etc

Having said that….

Because of our involvement in the above and our vast network of connections and including the services of our sister companies, we meet a lot of projects that need hand holding to get their feet off the ground and we believe we have an eco-system for them which give value — is verified — helps them steer in the right direction — generates new revenue for the project — introduces new audiences to our SKRT economy and overall helps us grow together.

However it is worth noting that the internet is full of launchpads — and whilst there are elements of which might seem competing — the reality is that each one has his own niche, focus and expertise and additional services. So at core we are always Regtech and that is what we are building around — but offering the additional services bring only positive impact to the project.


To address the obvious question around competition….

We ourselves provide our services to a multitude of customers and also to a multitude of launchpads as well. TrustSwap being one in particular and the one I have the utmost respect for. I believe the feeling is mutual as we continuously mentor and help each other out. If one had to look at the services TS offers, the launchpad is but one service and has its angles but TS is much bigger than that and has various solutions. In fact we partner up for many of them including vesting and claiming engines — marketing routines, etc. So, in short — YES — we will have loads of projects we will be launching directly and bringing additional value to the community — YES we are integrating closely with TS to give them more and more functionality and assist on a lot of their automation and including other launchpads as well.

And I would like to take this opportunity to announce a ground breaking utility for our community — one which they are not expecting!

For every single launch we handle directly — and on a project by project basis — our plan is to give back to our community via the SKRT loyalty program — so anyone who has a confirmed SKRT Tier level — is going to get rewarded with project launch tokens starting from the one we just did for Aimedis! 🚀🚀🚀. The mechanics of this will be detailed directly in our medium article once published and the initial airdrop will always happen approximately one month after any announced/confirmed project TGE dates.

I hope this brings a nice smile on many people’s faces and goes on to show that we want to bring as much benefits and utility for all our SKRT holders — needless to say that the higher the tier level, the greater the drop 🙂

And whilst we are on the subject..

I would like to thank all the holders for their patience in waiting for their first bonus which has now been sent and you should be able to confirm it in your wallets (if you switch to the Binance Smart Chain network) on your metamask wallets — and I would like to personally thank all the testers from the community who took the time to go through our BETA UI and help us in that process — their awards have also been all sent out 🙂 🎉

I just got confirmation from Antonio that the medium article is out

[CMBDO] Just to add on, how will snapshots continue to work for these tiers given the UI now?

[DCTO] Although it is not an exact science and we have loads were we can improve upon, the UI is where any SKRT holder can update his profile and add his wallet. Many people were getting confused in the last launch because they kept on seeing “Not Verified” next to their wallets. To verify your wallet you need to connect your metamask to your profile and that automatically confirms it. We are in the process of adding other wallet integration options such as coinbase wallet — trustwallet — etc — but we are not there yet — HOWEVER — this does not mean that you will be excluded from any KYC checks or any launch participation. Once we confirm the functionality is in place, no more snapshots per se will be taken but there will be staking integrated directly into the platform and will be automatically contributing to your bonus tier level. For the time being we had to work with snapshots because we did not have this functionality in there but please be patient — it is coming 😉

Help us by spreading the word with your friends, colleagues, communities you are involved in and I can assure you we are already doing everything in our power to grow our communities

I do have an announcement…

First week of February — hopefully — we will be attending LAC — London Affiliate Conference and we will be pitching our solution BIG TIME to the top affiliate marketing companies in the world to bring us audience and website traffic to convert new members, to attract new crypto investors and to encourage more people to open profiles and be part of the SKRT ecosystem. That way our launches keep growing. Our product offering keeps getting more solid and we become a real RegTech force to reckon with.

So to help in this process — EVERY single user of our platform is going to soon see an Affiliate Section in our portal. In there, there will be a specific link which will constitute your affiliate code — we are going to prepare an Affiliate Media Library to give you banners, ads, logos, etc — so anyone can promote SKRT and Sekuritance on his products, mobiles, vlogs, blogs, etc. This will increase another 3 levels of bonuses for our users — each user making use of this functionality will be rewarded in the following use cases:

1) For new traffic reaching x impressions or x visits — bonus to be worked on later once in place.

2) For every new user that signs up and gets GREEN verified

3) For every new user that signs up and tops up his account with new credits to use on Sekuritance

In short — we earn you earn — we grow you grow.

And for every user that you recommend that then becomes an affiliate and starts generating the above, there will be an ongoing referral bonus for that user.

The above is a lot of work and we have a dedicated team working only on this — so give us time — but be prepared — the hype is real and it is coming — we are not stopping here.

[CMBDO] Haha well, you pretty much answered my question of staking above, unless you’d like to delve a little further on that?

AND you pretty much covered two big things happening with Sekuritance very soon, and ongoing till 2022 :)

[DCTO] Maybe it is time we open up the floor to our audience?

[CMBDO] Yeah I think so!

Thank you very much Jonathan for answering all the questions, we’ll now be unmuting the chat for our communities to ask their questions to Jonathan.

Fire those questions!

[DCTO] We were also involved heavily in the TrustSwap and other TG chats directly to assist and to ensure Sekuritance is always there to provide a service.

[Community member] Hi, my name is Zemenfes, thanks for the massive achievements and I am holder of over a million SKRT but on Trust wallet and it is not verified on Sekuritance, it means I won’t get bonus. So should it not be easier for holders to tell them to hold SKRT on metamask if they want to get a bonus ?

[DCTO] That is a very good question — for the time being irrespective of the wallet where you hold them YOU WILL get the bonus as we will confirm the holders on etherscan and then match those wallets on our profiles — irrespective if verified or not — but we are introducing the new wallet integrations to address this.

[Community member] How can I move forward after a month of holding several >xxxk SKRT tokesn? It look like my registered ETH wallet are not supported like

[DCTO] Yes this is an issue true — If your tokens are on a CEX then we cannot verify them per se. We need to think of a fair way to address this. We are aware of it and I will check with the team on this — I do not have a 100% reply right now on it.

[Community member] Will there be any listing at big CEXs?

[DCTO] We have 3 in discussion but they wanted stupid amount of money for it tbh. Starting with over 150k in USD equivalent. We felt it was not the right time to go down this path — but we are planning to do it.

[Community member] Does me still holding SKRT token be honored?

[DCTO] If it is in your wallet and etherscan shows the SKRT amount, then yes.

[Community member] Who do you target as the ideal customer / user of the SKRT platform and what are the main benefits they get out of using Sekuritance that they would struggle to find elsewhere?

I’m trying to nail down the key selling points of SKRT so that if it does come up in other communities I’m a part of, I can push Sekuritance’s platform and my affiliate link 😅

[DCTO] Many many customers — banks — retailers — lawyers — notaries — property agents — crypto projects — etc — all need to “verify” the customer they are working with. That is our primary market.

What they get through us differently and better is that where others stop at the KYC — we provide the business checks, the legal mentoring, the corporate setups, the transaction monitoring on their ecommerce site, their automated reconciliation, etc

[Community member] Hi, I actually prefer snapshots as staking would have bad tax consequences in Germany. An Airdrop for which I did not provide any information would be tax free while a reward from staking is taxed and leads to taxes on the profit from SKRT token, too. Please consider sticking with the snapshots.

[DCTO] True but the reality is that it is easy to fool snapshots and it is not a good science as I can easily just transfer for the snapshot — then wait for that to happen — then sell off — and that does nothing to help the project as a whole — so we are looking at better ways.

[Community member] Does everyone get Airdrops from loyalty or just people who have a kyced account?

[DCTO] Only those that would have an active account at Sekuritance and verified

[Community member] Where can we find details about how many usd will be sent to which of the loyalty members? I should be in the believer and the adopter tier.

[DCTO] They have already been sent out right now. It was the first of many so the amounts reflect but it’s a start 🙂

[DCTO] We had great feedback on the merch we gave out during our conferences and we are playing with the idea of including physical merch as a thank you periodically to some of our top SKRT holders. But the mechanics of that are being worked on. They might be as part of a lottery or recognition, or an NFT, etc — Our teams are flooded with ideas but we are going to put a Public Idea board to structure all the incoming ones.

And last but not least from my end — towards XMAS — around the week of the 20th December, we will be having an event in Malta where most of the team is and all our team from the various countries will be coming. We also are inviting partners and our top customers and some members of various organisations in Malta. If anyone in our community will be around this side of the world — please do get in touch as it would be great to have you meet our local teams 😉

[Community member] Currently the SKRT Token price is trading at 0.011 with a market cap of $3.8 million usd (heavily undervalued in my opinion). With winning the KYC Provider of the year award and all of your latest advancements such as the UI, launchpads, airdrops & polygon news, the project is moving in all the right directions, however the token price is a bit stagnant.

Do you have a specific plan in place for how to increase the SKRT token value itself? Or is it more of a keep doing all the right things business wise and eventually the value of the token will rise to meet the actual value of the project?

Also when you mention launchpads and having a niche, will you be sticking to launchpads in a specific area of crypto? Or would you be willing to branch out to more areas meeting the current hype such as p2e gaming projects etc?

[DCTO] Great question and as I always say — Markets speculate and builders build. I strongly believe we are doing all the right things — partnering up with the right people, growing our audience and product base — growing our international exposure and bringing in new business consistently — I am positive it will soon be our time to shine but other than that I cannot comment on that unfortunately as it is the one thing out of our control.

Our Marketing and Sales team have my full support and respect and I know for a fact that we are beefing up all the efforts on our end to grow our audiences accordingly.

[Community member] Awesome! Do you have a specific team dedicated to launchpads and are you sticking to one particular niche area of crypto when it comes to that or are you open to a wide range of launchpad projects?

Reason I ask is because I know launchpads and making quick profits in areas which are currently hyped is a big way of bringing eyes to the project, but whether that’s the kind of SKRT holder you’re looking for is another thing.

[DCTO] That also is a good question. The reality is that for every project we get involved in — we do a KYC/KYC on the business and the stakeholders and we do a tokenomics and a whitepaper review.

[DCTO] Thank you all for your time — keep in touch and speak soon!

This AMA highlighted all the achievements we’ve had so far. We appreciate everyone that took the time to take part in this AMA session. Exciting times ahead!

About Sekuritance

The Sekuritance RegTech platform provides a single platform for every eGRC need, including end-to-end AML/CTF, CECL, FCPA, vendor management, beneficiary onboarding, investor check, card processing MFA checks, blockchain wallet checks, cyber-risk assessments, and other RegTech or Business Process Management requirements.

Stay tuned for more info and follow us on:







A CeFi and DeFi RegTech ecosystem delivering top compliance, regulatory, transaction monitoring and identity management to merchants and individuals!

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A CeFi and DeFi RegTech ecosystem delivering top compliance, regulatory, transaction monitoring and identity management to merchants and individuals!

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